Indoor Furniture

  • The way our homes are decorated says a lot about us and how we like to live our lives. Since most of our quality time is spent in our homes, it’s important to have furnishings that make us feel at ease. Whether it’s a sunroom or a living room, casual or formal, wicker and rattan furniture can provide a look that you can’t get just anywhere.
    Mealtime is typically family time too. At breakfast you discuss the day ahead and at dinner you discuss the days events. Along with having some good food, it’s also important that you are comfortable. Do you eat in the kitchen, at the bar, or in the dining room? Do you prefer traditional, trendy, or contemporary? If you need bar stools, counter stools, or a dining set, Maschino's is the place to be.

  • Maschino's Indoor Bar Stools

    Bar Stools
    It doesn’t matter if you have cozy breakfast nook, a sprawling kitchen island or your own personal wet bar, our barstools are just what you need. We have so many varieties to choose from, finding the right look will be a breeze. Classy and elegant or sleek and modern, we’ve got it all!

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  • Maschino's Indoor Dining

    Enjoying a nice meal just got better with our great selection of dining sets. We have a variety of styles in wood, iron and brushed steel. You’ll be surprised at the impact a nice dining has on the feel of your house. With styles that vary from casual to contemporary, finding the right fit for your home will be a breeze!

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  • Maschino's Indoor Seating

    Seating Indoor
    Sitting in style! Maschino's provides top of the line indoor seating from some of the best brands. You will be able to find a seating style to fit your home, whether it's a single chair, love seat, or a full set.

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  • Maschino's Bakers Rack

    Backer Racks
    A Baker's Rack is an elegant touch for any home. There is no better way to display a great set of wine glasses, your favorite cook books or your Great Grandmother's china set. Our collection of Baker's Racks are functional, beautiful and just the right addition to your home.