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When it came time to build our dream home; for our fireplaces and fire pits we chose Maschino's, because we knew they do it right the first time - EVERYTIME.
- Marc & Petie Williams
I have relied on Maschino's for over 30 years. For their experience, their expertise, their knowledge, and their installation are far superior than any I have ever experienced. We love Maschino's.
- Jeanne Waters-Hill, Touche' Design Group
We have been doing business with Maschino's for over 30 years. They have always had excellent service, quality people, quality work, always stand behind their work. It will be a pleasure working with the people at Maschino's.
- Sam Williams, Customer of Over 30 Years
Twenty-six years ago, we were given a nice check for our 20th Anniversary. We went to Maschino’s and bought a beautiful set of outdoor furniture for our lake home. It has been so comfortable and served us well all this time.
- Bob & Henley Smith, Customers
Maschino's gas logs gives dependable and convenient and charm to our Bass Pro Shops Showrooms across America. Maschino's is the fireplace expert in Southwest Missouri. We count on Maschino's for quality fireplace products, knowledgeable people, and and great service.
- Larry Whiteley, Bass Pro Shops
Maschino's will work with you to get exactly the quality look and the long lived comfort you want for your deck or patio. It's just smart to by quality outdoor furniture. Maschino's furniture last long and looks great. We have placed our trust in Maschino's for over 36 years to provide quality products and great service.
- Marcy and Bill Estes, Customer of Over 36 Years
Since 1952 Maschino's is the outdoor living resource in Southwest Missouri. Maschino's will work with you to get exactly the quality look and comfort that you want on your boat or patio. After shopping the big cities we chose to rely on Maschino's for their quality, their service, and their reliability.
- Kathy and Mark Holloway, Customers
I've relied on Maschino's for the last 13 years. When I relax I want something comfortable and found exactly that at Maschino's. Maschino's has a unique selection [in patio furniture] and you can find there what you can't find in a lot of the other stores. Maschino's will work with you to get exactly the look you want on your patio. Susan Tennison, Customer of 13 Years
- Susan Tennison, Customer of 13 Years
We bought an aluminum patio set in the early 80's from Maschino”s. My Dad, Charles Kindall, always told me your merchandise was built solid so you only had to buy it ‘once’. Well, it's been over 30 years and the patio set is still on our deck. It's been moved over 10 times from home to home and it still looks great. Three years ago, the Father's Day hail storm ruined our roof and sent hail stones completely through our siding. Our patio set was thrown to all parts of the yard but wasn't hurt at all. Dad was right. . . again. . .! It's nice to know that there's still a company whose concern is to provide a long lasting quality product. I will probably be coming by to look at new furniture soon. Ours is still great but ‘might’ be getting a little dated! I'll let the kids have it. Imagine that. . . patio furniture that can be passed to the next generation! Looking back, your product has cost us much less than the so-called ‘bargain’ brands at the monster stores! Thanks again for your insistence on great quality.
- Alan Kindall, Broker/Sales, Keller Williams Realty
You guys are awesome and I love doing business with you.
- Don Harkey, Customer