What are your store hours?

Maschino’s normal Business Hours are:

9:30 am to 6:00 pm CST Monday through Saturday

Maschino’s Holiday Hours:

News Years Day - Closed

Memorial Day - 9:30 am - 4:00 pm

July 4th - Closed

Labor Day - 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Thanksgiving -  Closed

Christmas Eve - 9:30 am - 3:00 pm

Christmas - Closed

New Year’s Eve - 9:30 am - 3:00 pm

Where are you located?

In Springfield, Missouri at 1715 S. Campbell two blocks north of Bass Pro. Find us on a map on our contact page.

Why should I buy from you?

For many years, satisfied customers return again and again because Maschino's provides value through lasting quality products and provides service that stands behind the products. We care about our customers and strive to exceed your expectations.

How long has Maschino's been in business?

Maschino's has been in this location since 1952. The first Maschino's opened on Commercial Street in 1903. Our staff represents 161 years of combined experience. Steve, the Fireplace Manager, has been here for 35 years, Greg for 31 years, Service Manager Kevin for 20 years. We know our stuff! You can learn more about us by visiting our history.

Can you deliver?

Yes, Maschino's offers a complete delivery service including set-up within southwest Missouri and beyond. You can find more information in our Furniture and Grilling Sections.

Can you install and service your products?

Yes, Maschino's can install and service the products that we sell.


Fireplace & Stoves

Can you install fireplaces and stoves?

Yes, we can install fireplaces and stoves of the brands that we sell.

Can you service my fireplace/stove even if it was not purchased from you?

Yes, in most cases, we can service your fireplace/stove. The exception would be brands for which parts are no longer available.

What do I need to know to get parts or service for my fireplace or stove?

You will need to know the brand, model and serial number if available.

How do I light the pilot on my gas fireplace?

1 Starting from the off position, depress the ON/OFF/PILOT knob slightly and turn it to the PILOT setting.
2. Next, push in on the same knob with one thumb while clicking the piezo igniter button repeatedly with the other until the pilot lights. Keep the knob depressed for about 45 seconds, If the pilot goes out when you remove your thumbs wait a couple of minutes and repeat the process until the pilot stays lit with your thumb removed.
3. Once the pilot remains lit when you stop depressing the knob, turn the knob to the ON position.
4. Now you can light the burners with the manual switch, thermostat, or remote control unit.

What must I do to convert my wood burning fireplace to gas?

If you do not have a gas line stubbed into your fireplace, you need to contact a plumber to give you an estimate on running a gas line to you firebox. In order to get the right size logs for your fireplace, you'll need to measure (1) the width of the fireplace opening, (2) the height of the fireplace opening, (3) depth of the firebox floor from front to back and (4) the width of the firebox rear wall.

If you have a wooden mantel above your fireplace opening, you also need to measure (1) the distance from the top of the fireplace opening to the bottom of the wooden mantel and (2) the projection of the mantel from the fireplace face.

What measurements do I need to get glass doors for my fireplace?

Measure the fireplace opening width and height. Do not measure any existing doors and do not bring in old doors.

I want something that does not need electricity to provide heat. What do you suggest?

Vent free gas fireplaces or stoves and wood burning stoves (not pellet stoves) do not need electricity to provide supplemental or primary heat to your home.

How much does it cost to operate a gas log or electric heater?

It varies with the unit but as an example, a 24" 38,000 BTU natural gas vent free gas log set will cost approximately 34 cents¹ per hour to run. A 1500 watt electric heater could be as little as 11.5 cents¹ per hour.

¹based on recent Springfield City Utilities rates. Your costs may vary.


What kinds of grills do you carry?

Grill Islands built to your specifications, Gas Grills, Charcoal Grills, Electric Grills, Pellet Grills, Ceramic Cookers, lots of wood chips/chunks and charcoal plus a full selection of grilling accessories.

Do you assemble and deliver grills?

All Grills from Maschino's are assembled for the customer unless the customer wishes otherwise. There is an in-town delivery fee of $25 for a one person delivery. If two people are necessary for the delivery, there is an additional fee of $20. For out of town deliveries, the mileage fee is $1.00 per mile, one way.

Why should I buy my grill from Maschino's instead of on the internet or at a big box store?

Value and service...If your grill needs servicing, our in house service department is there for you. Big box/internet suppliers do not have service departments. Maschino's services the manufacturer's warranty. Need warranty help from a big box store? Call a manufacturers 800 number yourself. Many internet suppliers offer no warranty at all and of course do not offer service.

The majority of Maschino's grill brands are manufactured in the USA or Canada. Big box store brands are primarily made in China.

Online Sales Questions

Can I change/cancel an order?

Yes.  To do so, call us toll free at 800-658-1377 and have your order number available.

Can I return an item?

Yes, subject to our Returns Policy.  Please use the Return Request link you can find at the bottom of every page under the Customer Support heading.

Do you require a minimum order?

No we have no minimum order.

Outdoor Furniture & Furnishings

Do you assemble?

We do all assembly in house ourselves. We want our customer's furniture perfect before it arrives at the customer's home.

Do you deliver?

We have our own truck to deliver our customer's furniture purchases within 140 miles. The fee, if any, is based on the amount of purchase, miles to destination and the number of people required for the delivery.

Does the price include assembly/delivery?

Assembly is always free on our furniture. Deliveries of sets in Springfield are free.

Do you sell parts for your outdoor furniture?

Yes, we offer everything from replacement slings and cushions to feet and umbrella rings.

Why is the price at the big box store lower?

Frequently the furniture is boxed and sent directly from China. The customer assembles the unopened boxed furniture. There are no replacement parts should something need to be replaced in a few years. You cannot purchase additional matching pieces to "grow" the set over the years. The appearance of the furniture is initially attractive but it is not built to last and will show usage easily. Lesser grade cushions will show wear and deterioration early on. Additional costs from the big box stores include delivery fees ranging from $45-$65 for local deliveries. Of course, delivery fees vary on internet purchases.