Brand: AJC Industries
Product Code: 43181
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FaronGuard is a High Grade Protectant that UV Protects, Restores and Rejuvenates surfaces!  32 0z.

FaronGuard is the Ultimate Gurad and Protectant that delivers unparalleled UV protection and shine! Not only does FaronGuard work on all your outdoor surfaces to protect, revitalize and rejuvenate, but it works better than the leading brands on car interiors, molding and tires! FaronGuard has a proprietary UV (ultra-violet) ray inhibitor specially formulated to prevent fading on many surfaces

Safe and effective on

• Marble • Imitation Marble • Resin • Fiberglass

• Glass • Metal • Acrylic • Vinyl • Faux Stone

• Aluminum • Dashboards • Tires • Bumpers

• Leather • Barbecues • LeatherType Surfaces

Contains a special blend of silicone emulsions which protect and penetrate to condition and PRESERVE.

Faron Guard DOES NOT CONTAIN HARMFUL PETROLEUM DISTILLATES like many leading 'armor' or 'guard' type brands that ultimately dry out and attract dust.  


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